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Have you ever wondered how to help relieve your baby's gas/colic pain, encourage better sleep, and learn how to understand your baby's non-verbal language more effectively? The many benefits of infant massage are taught and experienced in this informative and hands-on class. In this group setting massage techniques are demonstrated on a doll while parents and caregivers massage their little ones. 


Upcoming Class Dates: 

Due to Covid 19 I will be hosting small classes on a live online platform. Please contact me directly at kristenbreaux@gmail.com for more details. Online class details: Babies newborn to 12 months, $85 for series (originally $125).


October 27th, Nov 3rd & 10th: Tuesdays 10-11am

... January 2021 dates coming soon ...


Interested in a private class? Please contact kristenbreaux@gmail.com to schedule your class. 

Was your baby born unexpectedly early? Please contact Kristen for a private online class for your NICU baby. Studies have shown infant massage to help premature babies eat better, gain more weight, spend less time in the NICU, and there are so many more benefits. 


Stay tuned for announcements regarding in person or online classes for the upcoming 2020 series this fall. In person classes taught at The Root in Sacramento, CA.



About the class: This class is truly a baby led class and little ones are openly welcomed to come in any state they are in. Throughout the class babies may need to rest, eat, play, and cry and that is completely encouraged! This course is taught in 3 class sessions that last about 75 minutes each. Each week we will learn to massage a body part and continue to build on that throughout the course with lots of time to repeat and practice. By the end of the course you will feel confident in your massage routine with your baby. That said, the infant massage class series is so much more than learning massage strokes. Your baby is learning to become intimately acquainted with the sound of your lullaby, the smell of your skin, the sight of your smile, and the touch of warm oil in your hands. We will be stimulating all your baby's senses while strengthening a deep emotional connection between you and your baby. During this class series we will also learn about the best types of oil to use for massage, how to adapt the massage routine as your baby grows, calming and grounding techniques, discussion time to address any questions, concerns, or issues that new parents may be facing, and more. The warm, comfortable, and calm environment of this class will help strengthen the bond with your baby as well as the bond with the group.

Online classes: Parents and babies will receive all the same benefits of this amazing class in the comfort of their own home. The online class will be offered in 3 sessions each lasting about 60 minutes and will be limited to an intimate gathering of 4 families to enhance your learning and bonding experience. The online class is offered as a Zoom class and handouts will be provided through email. We will cover a full body massage routine, a movement routine designed to strengthen brain development, and discuss topics such as types of oils to use, when to massage, how to adapt the routine as your baby grows, and more. The online class massage routine techniques have been simplified to adapt to this format therefore we will not cover as many different massage strokes as we would during an in person class. When in person classes resume all families that have participated in an online class can attend an in person review class to learn additional massage strokes at a discounted class rate. 

Infant Massage Technique

The techniques taught in this class were developed by Vimala McClure whom founded the International Association of Infant Massage, the largest and most experienced infant massage organization in the world. Infant massage is a combination of Indian massage strokes, which are good for releasing tension in the extremities, and Swedish massage strokes, which are known to stimulate circulation toward the heart. The sequence of the massage strokes are grounded in the principles of reflexology and yoga. As an organization, IAIM has been promoting nurturing touch through education and research since 1986. We wholeheartedly believe that nurturing touch strengthens the bond between caregivers and their baby and robust early relationship is the foundation of healthy development. 


Location: All classes are taught at The Root in Sacramento  (www.sacroot.com)

               3385 Lanatt St. Ste D, Sacramento, CA 95819

Baby: Very early newborns to pre-walkers (approximately 1 week - 10 months)

Payment: $125 may be paid by cash or check mailed to Kristen Breaux 3128 O st #6 Sacramento CA 95816 (private practice office, not where the classes are held), or VENMO @kristendbreaux (don't forget the d), credit card payments may be made by phone with a $5 processing fee or or paypal (kristenbreaux@gmail.com)  for a total of $130. 

Register: Contact Kristen phone/text (916-768-0344) or email (kristenbreaux@gmail.com). Please provide your baby's name & birthdate, if you will be attending with a partner, and your email & phone number.

Must have at least 5 babies to hold a class so share this special experience with your friends.

Cancellations that occur 2 weeks before the class date may be refunded minus a $10 processing fee. Cancellations after that date or no shows are not eligible for a refund. 

What moms are saying about Infant Massage... “I loved this class! It was great to have dedicated time to focus on my baby.” “I loved the advice & tools that I learned. I also really appreciated interaction with other moms. This was a great experience. I wish I had done it for my daughter when she was an infant!” “This was a wonderful class. Kristen was kind, understanding, and educational.” “What I liked most about the class was bonding with my little guy & learning how to relax him & help his gas.”  “Kristen made everyone feel relaxed with a come as you are attitude & great atmosphere.”  “This is an amazing and empowering class for first time parenting!”